Vannamei Shrimp Price

Vannamei shrimp price has indeed had its ups and downs over the past few years. There are many factors that determine the price of this shrimp. Here our Indonesian Seafood Supplier will discuss what factors determine the price of this type of shrimp so you can get the best price with maximum quality as well.

What Is the Difference between Vannamei Shrimp and Other Shrimp?

Vannamei shrimp is one of the most popular types of shrimp in Indonesia to be cultivated. There are many benefits obtained from shrimp, including reducing the risk of heart disease and increasing red blood cells.

This type of shrimp culture is also widely practiced in regions in Indonesia such as Medan, Makassar and Surabaya. Vannamei shrimp price, which are relatively stable and increase every year, are one of the reasons why people cultivate vannamei shrimp.

Factors that Determine Shrimp Price

There are many factors that determine the price of this type of shrimp. One factor is the size of this vannamei shrimp. According to this site, the price of shrimp is grouped into many tables such as size 90 and size 50. Size 90 means that in 1 kg of shrimp there are 90 shrimp shrimp. Likewise, size 50. Size 50 means that in 1 kg of vannamei shrimp there are 50 shrimp.

This means that vannamei shrimp with size 50 is bigger than size 90. It is not strange if the vannamei shrimp price size 50 shrimp is more expensive (Rp. 151,500 / kg) compared to size 90 (Rp. 131,500). This price however cannot be used as a benchmark because shrimp prices do vary from time to time.

vannamei shrimp price
vannamei shrimp price

The first is the Quality of Shrimp and Quality of the Pond

vannamei shrimp is a type of shrimp that must be cultivated intensively, which means it requires a lot of care such as a 24-hour windmill and a pretty good watery pool. The amount of vannamei shrimp food must also be carefully regulated.

But many vannamei shrimp farmers are very careless. They carelessly cultivate vannamei shrimp. Vaname shrimp which are cultivated carelessly of course the price will not be good.

Vannamei Shrimp price is also determined where we buy it

Vannamei prawns bought directly from shrimp farmers certainly have the best price when compared to middlemen. In many cases, middlemen take huge profits. Therefore, to get a good price, make sure you buy vanname shrimp directly from farmers.

International Competitors from Abroad

Vannamei shrimp is a type of shrimp that is widely cultivated. Not only in Indonesia, vannamei shrimp is also developed in several other countries. India is one of them.

One of the vannamei shrimp farmers who cultivates vannamei shrimp is in West Aceh district. In the past, the price of vannamei shrimp reached Rp. 120,000 / kg, but declined to Rp. 89,000 / kg at certain times. After investigation, it turns out that the massive supply of Indian vaname shrimp to Europe has caused it. Like it or not, vannamei shrimp from Indonesia must be a competitor of vannamei shrimp from India for the European market.

The decline in vannamei shrimp prices did not happen suddenly. According to him, for example vannamei shrimp size 100 from Rp 56,000 / kg dropped to Rp 44,000 / kg and vannamei size 40 shrimp dropped from Rp 95,000 to 75,000. In other words, the price decline is happening slowly.

But according to Mr. Amiruddin, the decline in shrimp prices was not followed by a decrease in the vanname shrimp price food ingredients. That caused vannamei shrimp profits to go down. That is a challenge as a vannamei shrimp farmer. However, the high demand for vannamei shrimp from non-European markets such as China has made the optimism of vannamei shrimp farmers to be high again. It is estimated, in the middle of 2019, the price of this shrimp will be stable again.

What Does Indonesia Need to Do to Face Global Competition?

According to Budhi Wibowo from the Chairperson of the Indonesian Fisheries Products Processing and Marketing Entrepreneurs Association (AP5I), Indonesia must increase innovation in order to be able to compete in export destination countries such as Europe and China. This is because according to him, other countries already have better performance than the performance of Indonesian shrimp exports.

For example, for the American shrimp market, Indonesia is only able to contribute 17% compared to India which achieved 32%. That difference is very far because American shrimp imports reach 700,000 tons per year. This is because, the price of Indian shrimp is cheaper US $ 1 per kg compared to Indonesia.

Pak Budhi encouraged the improvement of Indonesian shrimp product innovation from processors as well as shrimp unit utilities. He stated that for the utility of shrimp processing units, Indonesia was only able to reach 60 to 65%. This results in high production costs per kg of shrimp. So innovation and increased productivity is something that must be done by national farmers. The Government of Indonesia through the relevant ministries is also required to facilitate and resolve this problem.

What is the Latest Vannamei Shrimp Price?

The vannamei shrimp price as it is known varies from time to time. But according to this trusted site, this is the latest vannamei shrimp price.

  • vannamei shrimp size 10 Rp 181.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 20 Rp 171.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 30 Rp 161.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 40 Rp 156.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 50 Rp 151.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 60 Rp 146.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 70 Rp 141.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 80 Rp 136.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 90 Rp 131.500/kg
  • vannamei shrimp size 100 Rp 125.500/kg

But the price is certainly not fixed. For the latest prices and attractive discounts, please contact the best and most trusted Vannamei Shrimp Supplier in Indonesia.

Where to Get the Best Shrimp?

The last question is how to get the best price of vannamei shrimp. First, make sure you buy directly from the shrimp farmer. Second, make sure the shrimp size that you want fits. Third, make sure you know the quality of the pond and also the food from the vannamei shrimp.

If you want to get the best deals from vannamei shrimp, you can call the best Indonesian Seafood Supplier in WA 081315476062.

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